Phool ko Mala Earrings
Phool ko Mala Earrings
Phool ko Mala Earrings

3 cm Diameter

Phool ko Mala Earrings

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Diameter:3 cm

A Phool ko mala or a garland symbolizes purity, beauty, and love. This necklace with Phool ko mala is a metaphor of respect and honor. From our Sthāyī (Which means permanent in Nepali)collection, inspired by the mountains, serene sunsets, and beautiful blue skies, the everlasting scenic reflections of every footstep that has walked this bountiful nation. These earrings are a stunning reflection of Nepal and the honor it stands for.

Base Material: Brass
Plating: Gold

Diameter: 3 cm
Weight: 10 gms

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    Note: Prices valid for purchase in India only. All our products are handmade in Nepal.