thoughtful Luxury from Nepal

Our Inspiration

inspired by the trails of Himalayas, we create products that are classics, easy on the environment and a simple reflection of where it comes from.

Handmade in nepal

We take pride in ethically and aesthetically creating everyday products. We strive to conserve local crafts and nudge the conversation that delves deeper into cultural intricacies. Our company is built on social values to improve the lives of others while maintaining a low environmental impact.

Our vision

To be true to our commitment to safeguard the community and the local heritage by taking the true essence of Nepal beyond borders through products, experiences, and stories

To help craftsmen improve their products by adding value through design and technology while helping them depict their craft in a relevant manner while also securing fading crafts of Nepal by weaving them into our design language

Our Vision

To work towards social empowerment by creating jobs, financial opportunities for skilled artisans and providing skill development training

To build a sustainable business with low waste and positive environmental impact

To create room for collaborations between artists, traditional artisans, students, teachers, and the skilled workforce


we want to create pieces that are beautiful, accessible, user friendly, and most importantly 'Good'. Good, for people who give it life.

our design

Intentional design is at the core of our philosophy. Timeless, functional, and versatile are the core pillars of our design philosophy. But basic doesn't mean boring, we design so you fall in love .

Designed using traditional methods, our creative approach is to make products that are minimal and functional with great attention to detail. We believe in designs that are derived from our local culture and fits effortlessly  into our modern lifestyle.

this is how we help

You make a purchase with us

Creates capital for skill training

More work opportunities for artisans

co-create handmade products with our artisans


It took 3 years for Ishu and Tulja to finally kick start their company in 2018. Having spent their time studying and travelling to various countries and witnessing many cultures, they felt there were many stories of Nepal, untold.

Fuelled by their aspiration to build a company that focused on cultural intricacies of Nepal and offered a lifestyle that was eco friendly and completely made in Nepal.

our quality

Keeping the wisdom of the old and making it a part of your special moments.

Designed and handmade using ethically sourced and sustainably made raw material. We maintain a rigorous process to ensure that each piece lasts a lifetime. We understand your expectations and strive to meet them.

Quality at every step is crucial to our process and is carefully considered for each product. Every piece in our collection meets a quality standard defined by craftsmanship, integrity, and best available materials.