Meet The Maker

Candle Didi

When have you started your work?I started my work around 2011 A.D.(10 years back).

What motivated you to work in this field?I got an opportunity to get training from local female trainers. Then,I further joined training from"Gharelu Tatha Sana Udhyog Karlaya". At that time I realised I have got enough training to have my own startup. I trained 3-4 women and started my company with them.

What do you like about your work?

The most pleasing thing for me about working is that I have become self reliant and I am bearing the cost of the education of my children to make their future bright.

What do you like about working with Ne Nepal?

I really love to work with Ne Nepal because they have always provided us good work opportunities.We are really grateful as they provided us work even during the pandemic scenario of Covid-19.

What do you see the future of your occupation?
I am certain that this business has a good future.

Is your product environment friendly?

Yes, it is. We mostly use beeswax and soy wax over paraffin wax which is good for the environment.

What types of candles do you make?We can make any candles either filled in the containers or block candles.

What equipment do you use while making the candle?We just simply use candle mould to make candles.

How long will it take to make a candle?A normal candle can be made in about half an hour whereas the time may range for 3-4 hours to make large candles.

Can you explain some of your experiences?

To reach this position, I really had gone through harsh situations and difficult times. But I am really pleased because of the growing interest of the people towards candles which is enhancing the growth of our business.

Why should we use the candles?

Candles really create a relaxing atmosphere and waxes like beeswax and soy wax are really good for the environment which helps in neutralising the pollutants present in air.