Meet The Maker

Bimal Dai

When have you started your work?
Around 1999 A.D.(30 years back)

What motivated you to work in this field?
I get involved because it is my family's business.

What do you like about your work?
While aluminum and plastic utensils have different effects on health, copper and brass are very beneficial. Therefore, I feel I am making something g

What do you like about working with  Ne Nepal?
Our relationship with Ne Nepal has always been very good because they value our work and value our relationship.

What do you see as the future of brass handicrafts?
As far as I am concerned, I cannot speak for other people, but I am concerned that my upcoming generations will not continue the tradition as they have been affected by modernization.

What crafts do you produce from copper?
We can make anything from brass and copper.

Can you explain some of your experiences?
Many problems exist, but we also continue to work.

Why should we use copper and brass utensils?

We should use them since they provide different health benefits and can be used at different festivals and rituals.

Is your work environment friendly?

It is a metals that are mined from the earth and they do not harm the environment because they can be recycled.